is the crimson armada a christian band? i read ur lyrics and a lot of them are very christian oriented but i downloaded the old cd and there is islam on the first song. just wondering.

i answer this question on a daily basis. the answer is NO. This is the one and only time(not just for you but for all the curious fans out there) that i will go into deep detail as to why this answer is a no.

Mattie Montgomery from the hardcore band “For Today” both bluntly and accurately stated

Your band is not a christian band if you don’t sing about the fact that Jesus is Lord”

 I honestly could not have said it better myself There isn’t a single song written in the past or present by the crimson armada that is about jesus. any related themes that seem to fit the cookie cutter christian band formula are coincidental because my lyrics are designed to be very universal and transcend the human confining barriers we have poorly dubbed “religion”. i write music about God not Jesus. to some people the two are the same. to me they are not. 

I also want to state that I do not have anything against any christian bands or any of their methods of ministry. I fully support all my friends who are christians both practicing and not in christian and non christian bands alike. 

I believe that our God is too merciful to confine his message to one specific religion consequently damning and condemning the rest of the world lest they convert and accept this or that or whatever the rules are for formal salvation.

For this reason alone I too can not confine my message to a single religion and thus do not put any specific religious message into any of our songs and I never will. 

I apologize if this shatters your perception of who TCA is or what we stand for. We have never been a christian band since day 1. Our original intention was to just jam and have fun while we can in this band. That is currently still our intention. All motivations lyrically have evolved personally as I have matured and grown up through this band and reflect what I feel compelled to express accordingly

also a side note on the old cd there is ARABIC on the first song lol not islam. islam is a religion. The opening track contains the verses of Surah Fatiha which is the described as the opening to the Qur’an and is also a personal prayer not JUST for muslims but for all beleivers of a monotheistic God. I chose to use that because it adequately contained the theme of the entire EP. 

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